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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Free Online Books

As I prepare for a new semester, I try to incorporate new assignments and fresh activities into my course plan. So, as I searched for online essays and stories to share with my students, I stumbled upon several sites that offer free access to online books. As a bonus, I discovered a few that include access to free audio as well. Below is an outline of the sites I found most useful and a few of my most favorite reads.

  • The World eBook Fair from July 4 - August 4 2008 offers over a million free eBooks for download.


  1. Speaking of free books and going back to school: do you know of any free textbooks and/or courses that are available online??? To be more specific: I am talking about elementary through more advanced on the subject of English grammar, which is a subject that you yourself have told me that I need a lot of help with (which is something that I am finding-out is more and more true). Hey, there will probably be more grammatical errors than words in this inquiry!!!

    I haven't started a search on my own yet; but I figured that you might be a good person to ask first since you are a creative writing teacher and you undoubtedly deal with a lot of people whose first language is not English. Please do think that the last part was meant to be racist.

  2. Hi Fishhawk
    Actually there are many online courses and tons of online material for free. I have lots of great links on my website if you want to go through them. These links include handouts, activities and samples. Don't forget there are many free and available materials in your local library.

    Whether English is your first language or not, knowing and following the rules of Standard American English serves us all quite well. :)

    You have given me a great idea. I will work on a future post that addresses some of your questions.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. The Internet is a pretty amazing place -- all that free stuff at our fingertips (as long as we have access to a computer).

    I use the Bartleby thesaurus all the time. It's funny how using it online seems easier than going to my bookshelf, grabbing my trusty old thesaurus and thumbing through the pages. It's a different world.

    Thanks for the compilation!

  4. Below is the url for a site that I found on the internet. If you have time: please check it out and tell me if it appears to be a good one.

  5. You are so right Jennifer. There is so much at our fingertips.

    As a matter of fact, I am quite familiar with that site. I include a lot of Capital Community College's links on my website. I like their index page and the the site has a multitude of quizzes, examples and short lessons. I recommend this site highly.

    Keep in mind that there are "many" sites that review grammar but not all are user friendly nor do they provide clear information. I avoid sites that are hard to read, cumbersome and lack specific activities.

  6. Thank you for highlighting my personal favorite: "Project Gutenberg". A great resource that I have used for years. This is where I read "Paradise Lost" by Milton for the second time again. I had wanted to read it again, but didn't have the book around at the time. Having it online was great! Thanks again for sharing- Nards

  7. Thanks:Fearless Blog
    These books help construct our online society.
    Thanks again.

    Evodie Pierre


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