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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Featured Writer: Jennifer at Writing To Survive

Writing to Survive offers its readers candidly written stories, brilliantly composed with a smooth flow of ideas, thoughts and feelings. Jennifer's use of language and vivid imagery entangles and draws me willingly and impatiently into her world.

Her honesty and straightforward approach leave me with a deep admiration, perhaps I dare say even a little envy. The courage to face the dark corners of the mind and heart, those painful reminders that many chose to ignore or deny, does not always come easy; however, in her words I sense an effortless release, cleansing and acceptance. Jennifer seems to value the therapeutic qualities of writing, allowing her heart and soul to move the hand that moves the fingers that type the words.

Vegetarian Times published one of her recipes and more recently she published a short story in entitled "Running Back." This latest short piece mirrors much of Jennifer's work, for its clarity, directness and ability to connect with the reader. In just a few words, she manages to convey years worth of experiences and feelings almost as if she were viewing her own life from the outside looking in.


  1. I am honored! Thank you!

    When I need a boost, a little push to keep on writing, I'll come back here to remind myself: you like me, you really, really like me! ;) What is writing (to survive or otherwise) without an appreciative, thoughtful audience?

  2. Thanks for sharing her with your readers. I just read Running Back...very moving story.

  3. Thanks for posting this sensitive and accurate review of a blog I read regularly by a woman whose writing I love.


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