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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sculpture Park

Enrollment has gradually increased at the north campus since I first arrived here as a student in 1984 after receiving a full two-year scholarship. Some people say that deep down inside some teachers just want to be students forever. Let's see....I walk hallways alongside my students, eat in the cafeteria, attend plays, visit gallery exhibits, sit in class every day and have long summer vacations. I must admit that I do love the college atmosphere.

Today the college serves more than 41,000 students on the north campus. Also, many of these students enjoy the benefits of laptops, iPods and cellphones that were not around 24 years ago. College wide we serve more than 160,000 students making us one of the largest colleges in the United States.

Throughout the large 245 acre campus built in 1960 on what was once a World War II Naval air station there are many large trees, shaded areas with park benches, swings and tables. I am always walking from building to building, strolling by the lake or walking down tree lined walkways on my way to the cafeteria, theater or parking lot. I enjoy these walks very much, for along the way, I admire the well maintained lawns, assorted palms and most recently the addition of the Sculpture Park.

I took these photos the last day of the semester hoping to share them with those of you who have never visited the campus before. You will find these large 21 art pieces scattered throughout the campus. Before being donated to the college, these pieces were exhibited at the Denver Art Museum, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Civic Center in Washington, D.C.


  1. Your first paragraph reminds me of me... how I wish I could do the college thing all over again... or how I wish I could go to school forever... or live near the college in a big old house, spend Saturdays at the library, mingle with the kids at the coffee shop, go to shows and lectures.

  2. That is gorgeous! I can just imagine a million pound book in my lap with other million pound books in my backpack and an apple in my hand pausing to take a deep breath and closing my eyes for a brief second under the sun.

  3. Fearless, thanks for telling the story of the beauty we see every day.


  4. I must admit I didn't want to attend MDC @1st,yet i grew to love the campus and needless to say, the people. Most of all its hard when you have to leave the campus & adjust to another campus lifestyle! The art...well, Its magnificent& creative . They are one of a Kind sculptures.

  5. The pictures are beautiful. I dreamt of having a picnic out there on the lawn and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

  6. WOW!! I did not know that you were one of the largest colleges in the US. That is amazing. I loved getting to see where you work. It's a lovely campus and when you said there was a lake I thought WOW! What a place...I'd find it hard to focus on studying! LOL :) "Where's my canoe? I'm headed for the lake." :) :) This is certainly lovely...and yet...I can still see why you love your deep blue mountains.

  7. I hope my comment went through; my computer just crashed and I think I might have lost my there is a storm coming and there might have been a brown out. I'll wait a day or two and see if it shows up. Arrrghh, computers!!! I'd rather be hiking!! LOL

  8. Hi Cassy

    Thanks for the visit. You see that's my point. I think a lot of folks out there feel the same way and so we make career choices that allow us to live out those dreams. :)

    Hi Shirley

    Now Shirley why would the books weigh a million pounds? :) lol Yes...I think the campus is beautiful...

    Hi Geoffrey

    Thanks for the visit and hope you are enjoying your summer as well as the view! :)

    Hi Miracle

    You know the saying...never judge a book by its cover? Well, you and I both know that nothing is perfect but this campus "is" pretty great!
    We are both fortunate to have found our way here.

    So nice to see you again Kelvin
    Hope you are enjoying your summer.
    A new semester is right around the corner, so I hope you get plenty of rest! :)

    Hey Robin
    Well no mountains here...but the campus is quite pleasant and I feel so at home. Mine is only one of many other campuses sprinkled throughout the county.

    The college has held a few boat races at the lake, so I guess canoing is always possible! ;) Thanks for the visit.


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