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Friday, June 13, 2008

How Much Would You Pay for a Cup of Coffee?

Would you pay $15.00 a cup? Well, a few have. See why.


  1. I can see paying that kind of money every now and again as a special treat. But only if you really like coffee and that particular bean. It's not much different than people spending hundreds of dollars for a bottle of wine.

  2. Good point berryvox. Some spend their money on wine, coffee, shoes or jewelry while others spend their money on bikes and tents ;) or like me on bells, books and tons of Pepsi
    Cola. We buy what we want and sometimes what we love regardless of the cost. Thanks so much for the visit.

  3. I can beat that :P
    How about this article from back in April's Daily Mail (UK Newspaper) about a coffee that costs £50 a cup. That's (very roughly converted) something like $100 a cup!!
    And if the price doesn't put you off...the ingredients probably will!

    Of course if it's just a caffiene kick you're after try the considerably cheaper Rocket Fuel coffee with added Guarana. There's a warning on the jar that says you should not drink if you suffer from heart or blood pressure problems, are pregnant, suffer from anxiety, and a whole host of other things. Yes this coffee comes with a health warning!
    I used to drink the stuff regularly as a student, and suspect it may have had quite a lot to do with my ongoing acid reflux issues these days.

    Anyone else know of any rediculous coffees?


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