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Friday, May 30, 2008

PART 2: Animal Services in Dade County

I wrote the original post regarding Animal Services in Dade County as a way to vent my frustrations, but I never really thought that so many people would Google on the subject and then end up on my blog. However, I wrote it and many came. One reader in particular who I can only refer to as "anonymous" became a regular. He or she felt much of the same frustration I did and therefore set out to discover as much information on the matter as possible and then return to my blog to post his or her findings.

Much has happened in the past few weeks, and I guess the people have spoken, and spoken loudly. Miami Dade County's Animal Services department who imposed, with the approval of the Miami Dade County Commission, hefty violations for dog owners who did not renew dog tags on time, has now realized that the citizens will not stand for misleading and manipulative ordinances intended to recuperate dollars lost in property tax reductions by the state.

Yeah!!!!!Our outrage has made it to the Miami Herald, Action Line, and you can join the online discussion.

I would like to thank my anonymous friend for all the information gathered. See comments posted below. I also thank all the others who visited and posted comments on the issue.

And yes...when many voices speak as one, when many rise together against injustice and when we the people realize the power of words, much can be accomplished.


Section 5-8 (c): No penalty shall apply for the violation fo this section unless notice IS [emphasis added] issued to the responsible party regarding the violation and the responsible party fails to satisfy the requirements of this section within thirty (30) days of the issuance of the notice

NEW REQUIREMENT: (Now under Section 5-7)

(e)(1) The Department MAY [emphasis added] issue a courtesy notice before the dog is due for registration or the license tag is due for renewal. It is provided, however, that issuance of a courtesy notice shall not be deemed to be a prerequisite to enforcement of the provisions of this sections.

Now YOU figure out just how manipulative they've made the wording of the ordinances to make sure you have no argument and will pay for fear of "losing your home"

GOOD NEWS!!!!! This is the last comment I received from "our champion."

Fearless and All - Excellent News!

It seems that due to a certain backlash, Animal Services is now softening a bit on their "stance" regarding the citations they have issued. Please verify with today's Miami Herald - Action Line which addresses specifically this topic.

I draw your attention to the last column bullet point three:
"Now....if you got your dog's shot/tags up-to-date within 30 days of the citations issuance, the department "should" (vague word, but still arguable) clear it up by phone, fax or if you visit in person. You shouldn't have been told that you must either pay the fine or file an appeal in order to get it dismissed."

There you have it folks, get a copy of the article in today's MH, take it to AS and have those citations dismissed. It's clear that many, many people have called, complained and no doubt requested hearings to the point that it has become unmanageable for the department.

Fearless, you said in your original blog that the word of the people is powerful.......
thus...... WORD...

P.S. - May I pat myself on the back now? :)

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  1. Fearless,

    This will be my last (promise!) posting regarding this subject.

    Yesterday I went to Animal Services (74th Ave and NW 74th St - open at 8:00 for citations) and with conviction (and not an ounce of arrogance or attitude) stepped into their room 106 - presented to the clerk the fact that I had complied with the requirements of my citations within the prescribed 30 day period (it helps the process run smoothly if you already have copies of both the innoculation and tag receipts for them). Be sure to bring the originals as proof.

    I casually mentioned the Miami Herald article and there was NO disputing or argument by the clerk. I left there with both my citations stamped in bright red letters: "Miami Dade Animal Services - VOID"

    He reminded me that in fact I will NOT receive any reminder notices for next year and that it is now my responsibility to bring in proof next April (or whichever date you complied with the citations).

    This 20 minute transaction saved me $320.00.

    This has been quite the journey and hopefully all of you who got citations can find better use for your monies than to feed it to the seven headed monster that is Miami Dade County government.

    Sign off.....


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