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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How Not to Write a Thesis Statement in an Essay

Avoid writing a thesis statement for your essay that is too general or too specific. Also avoid making announcements.

Example of too broad-- Many people around the world believe capitalism is better than socialism. (You could write a book or several books with this thesis.)

Example of too narrow-- My cousin, who worked hard and established a successful business in the United States, today enjoys a very comfortable living. (This is an example that could be used to support your main idea.)

Example of an announcement-- I am going to write about why capitalism is better than socialism. (Don't tell me that you are going to tell me something; just tell me.)

To write an effective thesis statement, you must include a "who or what", also known as a topic or subject, and you must include a focus word or key word.

Example-- The capitalist system in the United States provides several advantages to its citizens.

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  1. A thesis statement cannot too general,too specific,and also avoid making announcement. Thank you to remind me how to write my thesis statement. You prepare me for ENC 1101 class. So my thesis statement has to persuade or to convince others.



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