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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let It Snow

I took these photos in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. While everybody else travels south for the winter, we travel north in search of snow. To our delight, when we arrived at this small park a few miles from the ski resort, everything was covered in snow. For native Floridians this is most definitely a treat.
Woody loves the snow. Even though he had a winter coat, he chose not to wear it on this day. At one point he took off into the woods on his own, and of course the kids chased him but he just kept running. I did not panic. I waited by the truck, called him and he came "a runnin" hoping I would quickly warm his cold and wet feet. I did.
After all the snowball fights and posing for pictures, we hurried to the truck, turned on the heater and started removing wet coats, gloves and shoes. This may not sound like much fun to those of you who deal with harsh winters, but for us these experiences are significantly memorable.

If for some reason we cannot find snow, then we will venture off and find it even if it means taking a back road up some mountainside...the higher the better. One year there was no snow on the ground in Tennessee and North Carolina, so my husband drove us up to West Virginia just so we could see and feel the snow. I know...sounds bizarre but it is true. We stood in the parking lot of a restaurant as the snow flurries fell on our faces and we marveled at their beauty. The kids tried to catch the flakes hoping to bring one home to show grandma. Well, the flake did not make it home to Florida, but fortunately a few years later, we took grandma up to see them herself.

Photos taken last Christmas.


  1. Even though I'm not a big fan of snowy winters (and glad to see this one finally gone), your post made me smile. The picture of Woody is wonderful..he too appears to be smiling..enjoying the 'flurries' on his face!
    Nice that you find enjoyment in all seasons. Traveling to find the weather you seek makes for wonderful family memories..
    Thanks for sharing..

  2. Oh my, I saw the title unto this post on my Google Reader; and I became sorely afraid that the drug trade had done swallowed-up another since you-all do live down there in the Miami, FL area. My fears were relieved when I saw the wonderful pictures, however; and they are indeed wonderful pictures.

  3. LOL Fishhawk!!! Mme. Fearless, the pictures are beautiful. I could just hug Woody!! He appears to be beyond spoiled. And like Liz, I am not particularly fond of snowy winters but these pictures are breathtaking. At this point, falling snow beats falling pollen anytime! Please continue to share - Nards.

  4. The pictures are great. I too miss snow. I haven't seen a good snow in years. We are below the snow line now.
    That Woody reminds me so much of the dog my boys had when they were growing up. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.
    Good post! And I like the fish ones too!

  5. "Let It snow" reminds me a few years
    ago I went to Canada for holidays, and there was a pretty snow. It was at sun peaks. I love snow because It makes me feel happy and calm.Snow reflects purity and peace.


  6. Snow in North Carolina in April? Hard to believe. What happened to Global Warming?

  7. I'm from Malaysia and it's no snow at my area. Please share more nice picture and experience of traveling. Thanks

  8. I'm so sick of snow. We set records this year where I live. But your photos are great and I'm glad you are enjoying the white stuff.

  9. I would love to take my kids sledding. We don't get much of th white stuff where I live

  10. let it snow, let it snow let it snow,

    oh please let it stop snowing HERE! Hahahahaha all the wild animals up here right now are all confused, and searching madly for food, the poor robins came back and they cant get the worms out of the frozen ground.

    I REALLY enjoyed reading about how you go in search of this, and these GREAT pictures taken of the adventure. I can definitely see me being the same way if I lived in florida a lot.

    I somehow cant help but think that it would need to be early spring or fall visiting some hot place like florida or texas, I think I would melt as I am just not used to heat like that!

    Yet I know some friends who live in such places would find our spring and fall near death freezing "how the heck do you live up here"...I can hear them saying

    they really oughtta visit in january and february. *grin* ;0)

    Wonderful as always oh fearless one.

    Hi woody, you make me smile when I see pics of you! I feel like I want to give him belly rubs :0)


  11. I want to be in the snow u guys had so much fun

  12. Beautiful pictures! everyone looks so cold! i never had a changed to see snow yet;hopefully one day i will.


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