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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just Think About It (II)

After visiting Quotes...In Our Own Words today, I could not resist putting this piece together. I watched a video on my fellow bloggers site and then ran to google more information about this father and son team. I had already heard the story from a friend, but never imagined how moved and inspired I would feel after watching the video and reading their story myself.

The message is clear, and it echos Henry Ford's words "Whether you think you can or you think you can't , either way you are right."

To some of you out there who still believe your life is "hard", please WATCH THIS and read the Dick and Rick Hoyt story written by Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly.

Just think about it. Is your life really all that bad, or are you truly a very blessed individual?


  1. I love reading and watching the journey. That was so inspiring.

  2. I guess I wasn't meant to leave your blog today without shedding tears. Very inspiring.

  3. We must all look around us and find inspiration in everything we see, hear and touch. Don't you ladies agree?

  4. Namaste' I discovered this amazing due years ago when they had their story on T.V, and I cried then and counted my own blessings in life. I take great courage from others journey's and know when I am going through a particulary hard one myself, that I KNOW I am NOT alone in my quest, we all are connected. Thanks for sharing this! Metta


  5. Namaste'
    Yes Sky I agree...we are all connected. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. What an emotionally stirring and inspirational video...had to type this comment through my tears.
    I've seen this Dad and son pictured before, but never 'saw' their story. Amazing.
    ...Love truly has no boundaries...

  7. The story is one of the greatest love stories. It is amazing.This video really touched me,and
    it is a privilege to work with disabled people
    as a future nurse.

    Evodie Pierre


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