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Monday, September 7, 2009

How do you arrive at a decision?

If you are a regular visitor to The Fearless Blog, you know that this blog tackles numerous topics. However, my main goal has always been to provide readers (and myself) a platform where we could find inspiration and courage in each other while confronting our fears. I write not only to inspire, motivate or inform my students and readers but also to analyze my own feelings and thoughts. Sure, I sometimes post educational material, personal stories and photos of some of my adventures, but this blog (I hope) also serves as a platform for more universal learning. In fact I feel much like Socrates when he said, "All I know is that I know nothing." No matter how much I read, study, listen to or experience, I always feel that there is so much more to learn and experience. I really know so very little, and because of these feelings I hunger for information and ideas, second guessing myself or changing my mind sometimes and often debating with others.

Perhaps, my inner fears and insecurities, which I have grown to accept and understand, cause me to question everything a little more closely and I am therefore less able to arrive at quick and unsupported conclusions. I ask as many questions of my students as I do of myself. By questioning, analyzing, drawing comparisons and employing the laws of cause and effect, I make decisions. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, following the majority or accepting another man's truth for the truth, I choose to question first and then accept and/or decide. Too often I see the opposite in others.

In my youth, I often played the part of the follower who never questioned the leader even when I wanted to question the leader. Fear enslaved me. What others thought and felt seemed more valuable, more worthy of recognition and acceptance. What did I know? How could I support my position? How could I persuade anyone? I wonder how many others have felt or still feel this way today...

I want, no...need to believe that I in some small way inspire my students and readers , but more than that I hope that if nothing else you learn that through exposure to information you can acquire the facts you need to make beneficial decisions in your lives. If you state or have an opinion, you must support that opinion with facts. Most importantly, you need time to establish that opinion, not a few seconds or a few minutes or perhaps even a few hours.

  • Don't assume anything
  • Read before you sign on the dotted line
  • Example, research the candidate before you vote for him or her
  • Interview others
  • Read historical data
  • Seek opposing views
  • Consider the short term and long term consequences

Abrupt decisions and conclusions lead many to devastating outcomes. If you don't believe me, just look around you.

Now, how do you arrive at a decision?


  1. Your suggestions are very reasonable ones.

    I am afraid my decisions are usually gut instinct. Many times they weren't wise ones.
    Many times they were.
    Just last week my husband and I had to decide a major decision about our business. It had to do with a bigger company wanting our products. We had to decide what was best for us and our values-over money.
    Some decisions are just plain common sense!

    Have a great day.

  2. I love landscaping but before I do anything I usually sit and visualize what it is I want to create - sometimes for days and weeks. I would have to say I approach many decisions in this way. I try to break down the possibilites and outcome from the choices I have and draw from mistakes I have previously made. :-)

  3. All of your suggestions are wonderful. Some of the most important when making a big financial decision are to read and then think of the consequences. Don't just fall in love with an item and jump in there. I always way "need" vs. "want" to determine the true cost of something.

    One other thing that has helped me make big decisions is prayer.

  4. You could have been writing this post about me, I used to be a follower, then I spoke to quickly and now I think before I speak..I've been told I think too much...but I disagree.

    I've found a quick decision invariably makes mistakes so like your suggestions I do what research I can, talk to others, etc., but I find my instincts also help me...not matter how wonderful it sounds/or seems to be, if it doesn't feel right it is usually wrong!


  5. Wonderful suggestions lady...reflecting on pass mistakes, prayer and gut feelings and common sense.


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